Sodaclick Player Guide - Windows

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1. Install Windows Player

Setting up the Sodaclick PWA Player on a Windows device is simple and gives you control over your digital signage screen(s) and content solutions across multiple devices. 

  • Install and open the latest version of Chrome Web Browser
  • Enter the Player's URL in the address bar - 
  • The Player will register and download a unique 6 character activation code from Sodaclick
  • Use the onscreen code to activate and pair your device to your account following these steps here
  • Install player to desktop when notified from the top right of the browsers address bar (+ symbol)

2. Set Player in Full Screen

In order to setup the Sodaclick PWA Player in full screen, use Chrome's Kiosk Mode by following the below easy steps:

  • First, install the Sodaclick PWA Player
  • Close all open Chrome windows 
  • Right click on the recently installed Sodaclick App desktop shortcut and select 'Properties'
  • Add -kiosk with a space in the target field straight after \chrome_proxy.exe" which should look look similar to the below sample target field:
    1. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome_proxy.exe" -kiosk --profile-directory=Default --app-id=gnobedhdjbondkglpdiigcigkckochne
  • Follow the 'activate and pair a device' guidelines here to start posting content to your screen(s).

3. Boot Player on Startup (optional)

Set the Sodaclick PWA Player to autostart on Windows boot / reboot for a seamless kiosk experience:

  • Navigate to the “Startup” folder by pressing on the Windows button on your keyboard
  • Type Run in the Windows search bar
  • Open the “Run” box
  • Type “shell:startup” and press Enter or the 'OK' button
  • This will open a File Explorer window with the “Startup” folder
  • Directly drag and drop the Sodaclick Player shortcut you installed earlier into this folder, or make a duplicate shortcut into this folder
  • Your Sodaclick Player will now autostart on Windows Boot / Reboot in fullscreen

Note: to exit your player from full screen kiosk mode, you'll need to select "Alt+F4" with a connected keyboard to your digital signage screen.

See a list of solutions that you can create, post and update through the PWA Player here.


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