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Getting Started Using an Existing CMS

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This Article will go through the journey of getting started using Sodaclick with an existing CMS.


1 - Register a Sodaclick account using a valid license.

  1. Go to the Sign-Up menu here.

  2. Fill in the required details.

  3. Add the licence key.

  4. Accept the end-user agreement.

  5. Click Create my account.




Sign into Sodaclick using an active account.

  1. Go to the Sign In menu here.
  2. Enter your email and password.
  3. Click the Sign In button.



2 - Create A Slide

Once signed in to your profile page, you'll find all your recent / future saved slides and the 'NEW SLIDE' option in the top left corner.

  • Click the 'NEW SLIDE' on your profile page
  • Set a specific size, or choose your standard landscape / portrait orientation (16:9 / 9:16)
  • Click 'EDIT SLIDE' to access the full content editor
  • Click on the settings icon in the app, and select 'CLEAR ALL' to clear the canvas
  • Set your background colour or drop an image in from your asset library, and then set your text etc. from the editor tools.




Edit A Slide From The Sodaclick Template Gallery

Once signed in to your profile page, you'll find all your recent / future saved slides and the Sodaclick template gallery.

  • Start by selecting the Screenshot_2019-01-26_at_13.51.16.png button on your profile page
  • Select from 'LONG' (9:16) or 'WIDE' (16:9) orientation templates
  • Select the desired template from one of the digital signage verticals
  • Name your slide and select 'OK'
  • Edit basic elements of the template through the quick editor
  • or Select 'EDIT SLIDE' to access the full content editor



3 - Add Your Slides To A Project

From the 'Projects' dash, add single or multiple slides to a project. From this, you'll be able to create numerous digital signage solutions, such as standard playlists, and voice solutions that can be posted directly to a screen / device.


Creating a project:

  • Select 'Projects' from the drop down menu, top right corner of your dashboard
  • Select 'Create Project'
  • Name and add tags to your project
  • Select 'Project Setup' from the drop down menu next to your project on the right hand side
  • Select 'Add Content' from the settings menu within your project
  • Add the desired slides into your project by selecting 'Apply Changes'
  • Your slides will automatically be assigned a playlist order and duration of 10s per slide
  • Change duration and order of a playlist by clicking the drop down underneath each slide
  • Optional: To pre-rotate Portrait content to counter clockwise, add the following code to the end of your copied URL: &orientation=ccw
  • Optional: To pre-rotate Portrait (vertical) content to clockwise, add the following code to the end of your copied URL: &orientation=cw


4 - Post The Project Into Your CMS

  • Click the button with the 3 lines
  • Click Project URL
  • You will receive a notification saying the URL is copied into your clipboard
  • Paste the URL into your CMS and a HTML 5 web asset


5 - Monitor And Control Your Assigned Projects

  • Navigate to your 'Screen Manager' from the drop down in your Sodaclick dashboard
  • Select 'Screen Manager'
  • Here you will see all your active devices / screens (on & off) 
  • Select the drop down settings icon next to an active screen for more options
  • You'll be able to see which project & solution is already assigned to this device, publish a new project and solution to the device ('assign playlist'), find out more info about the device ('screen info'), reload a screen if there are any issues ('reload screen') and de-assign / remove a device ('remove screen').




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