Sodaclick Voice Technical Specification

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Voice Activated Hands-Free Digital Signage

Sodaclick Voice AI enables sellers in retail and hospitality to create and deploy hands-free, voice activated interactive digital signage solutions for self service kiosks and drive thru systems.

Using machine learning, multilingual neural net speech recognition Sodaclick’s Voice solution provides real-time, near human-like immersive hands-free experiences for consumers at the end point.


See the below technical specification / compatibility requirements:


  1. Digital signage screen with HDMI connection
  2. Processor & Memory: 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i3+ with 4GB RAM                                          Optimal Digital Signage Player: Intel NUC7i5DNKE with 8GB RAM / or equivalent
  3. Microphone: Sodaclick Voice Bar
  4. Stable internet connection to the digital signage player / screen (minimum 5 Mbit/s)

Operating System

  1. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise / Windows 10 Pro


  1. Chrome Browser v80+
  2. Sodaclick DS Player Installed through Chrome (installed in Kiosk Mode)

Content Platform

  1. Create, publish and update dynamic HTML5 voice with vision content solutions using your phone, tablet or computer, through any browser. Includes Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Linux based devices. Learn more on how to access the platform and required licences here

Note: Sodaclick Voice Licence is required for this solution

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