Create and Publish a Voice Solution

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Create and Publish a Voice Solution

Create a hands-free voice activated conversational commerce based solution through Sodaclick Voice. Add multilingual neural net speech recognition to your projects, including voice playback from over 90 languages and variants without a single line of code. As a hands-free voice activated solution, it will require a digital signage screen / kiosk with attached sensors including a camera and microphone setup, which will be used to detect people in space and automatically activate the microphone, allowing users to navigate through your interactive solution through voice. For Sodaclick Voice technical specification, see here for more information.

  • Use case 1: a powerful informational voice assistant through a self service kiosk in central foyer / lift lobby, serving guests at a hotel with local information such as; things to do around town, local cuisine, amenities at the hotel etc.
  • Use case 2: an informational self service QSR kiosk or drive thru menu serving customers in a fast food environment. Customers can engage and navigate through a menu without the need to touch the screen, and hear more information about a certain product, nutritional values, cost and relevant promotions etc.
  1. Create your slide(s) > Create new OR from template
  2. Add your slide(s) to a project > Create and add slides to a project
  3. Set multilingual voice triggers > Set Voice Triggers
  4. Set multilingual voice playback if required > Set Voice Playback
  5. Activate and pair a device / screen > Pair your device*
  6. Publish Voice solution to a device > Post through Web / PWA Player

*Skip step 5 and 6 if you have already paired a device and just want to update your project

Note: Sodaclick Voice Licence is required for this solution

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